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Nuclear power plant with an intense red and cloudy evening sky

Q: WHICH is the only mineral the CDC recommends to take in a Nuclear accident – IODINE Read >

Carafe of clean and dirty water

Q: WHICH is the only mineral advised by the W.H.O that transform  contaminated water into drinkable water – IODINE Read >

Q: WHICH mineral is listed  in the CDC Guidelines as a disinfectant and sterilizer for Healthcare Facilities – IODINE Read >

Taking care of my wound . Cheerful positive smart child sitting at home and smiling while putting band aid on the wound

Q: WHICH mineral does the CDC & W.H.O recommend for wound care to protect against germs, fungus, and bacteria – IODINE Read >

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MUST READ The daily Japanese diet contains on average  3.0 mg of Iodine. It’s amazing (link) how much better off the Japanese are faring during this outbreak. FACT; In Japan, healthcare workers are required to rinse their mouths every 4hrs with iodine based mouth rinses Read >

Iodine I, element symbol from periodic table series. 3D rendering isolated on black background

MUST READ So you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that IO53, the same IO53 that is used in mouthwashes in Japan has proven to…..and it’s not a Drug. Its just a Mineral based Mouthwash – IODINE  Read >

MUST READ WHY are these companies seeking a Drug approval? They are using the complex iodine element, IO53, the same one used over 70 years ago instead of an advanced patented formula  Read >

Salt in spoon on a wooden table - still life

Iodine is such a vital mineral for our health and well-being that the FNB suggests that a form of Iodine called Iodide be added to our most basic ingredient, Salt – Think About it. Read >

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